The Best Telescope Under 100 Dollars – A Buyer’s Guide

The Best Telescope Under 100 Dollars

Amateur astronomy is a terrific hobby for kids and adults who love to spend time outdoors or for those who enjoy regular camping expeditions. It is a lot of fun to learn more about the universe and to seek out constellations, stars, and planets with a small lazy campfire crackling on the side.

A quality star gazing instrument is very handy for these types of adventures. In this guide, we will take a look at the best telescopes for under 100 dollars that will give you a much better view of gorgeous celestial objects in the sky.

Comparing Telescopes – The Most Important Features

If you are new to astronomy, it can be difficult to choose the right telescope. They come with a wide range of features, some a lot more advanced than others. The following are some of the most important features to look out for when shopping for a telescope.

Focal Length

The focal length is the distance between the objective lens and the eyepiece. This distance is measured in millimeters. Telescopes with a longer length will give you a smaller field of view but will offer more magnification. For example, a 400mm scope length will give you a much closer view of the moon with less surrounding atmosphere than a scope with a 300mm focal length.

Objective Lens

This is the large lens at the end of the telescope. Larger objective lenses allow more light in but tend to be more expensive. Most telescopes under 100 dollars have an objective lens of 70mm or smaller.


Additional eyepieces are often included with a telescopic kit. These removable pieces come in different sizes and these different sizes offer different levels of magnification. Bigger eyepieces (20 – 25mm) offer lower magnification, while smaller ones (6-10mm) offer more.

Barlow Lens

It is good to look for a telescope that has a Barlow lens. It is fitted with your eyepieces and will double or triple their magnification (2x lenses for double, 3x lenses for triple). This can greatly enhance your close-up view of planets or the moon with your standard eyepiece.

The Best Telescope Under 100 Dollars – Buyer’s Guide

The James Webb Space Telescope is currently the strongest telescope in existence. This was created in 2010 and cost around 1 billion dollars. This massive creation can view further than ever before and is positioned in space one million miles above sea level.

While the small telescopes we compare on this list aren’t nearly as effective as the Webb or the Hubble, they still offer remarkable magnification for their portable size and are perfect for getting started in astronomy.

Here is a quick look at the 5 best telescopes to get for your stargazing adventures.

1. The Gskyer AZ70400 Telescope – The Overall Best Affordable Telescope

The Gskyer AZ70400 is our top pick because it offers everything you might be looking for in a quality telescope.

The telescope itself has a standard 70mm objective lens and focal length of 400mm. It also includes a 3x Barrow lens that can triple the magnification of your eyepieces. You will also find a handy phone attachment to document your view as well as a Bluetooth remote controller that can be used for snapping images without accidentally bumping your telescope.

Other extra accessories include a handy carrying bag to hold all loose accessories, its quality tripod with its swivel head that can tilt up, down, and in different directions, and the compact size to easily grab the telescope and take it along on any hiking adventure.

The AZ70400 is a good beginner telescope and makes for an excellent gift for kids aged 8 – 13 or even adults.


  • Dimensions – 24.8 x 4.92 x 85.46 in
  • Weight – 5.7 lbs
  • Color – Black/white
  • Magnification – Up to 120x
  • Aperture – 70mm
  • Focal length – 400mm
  • Focal ratio – f/5.7
  • Controller – Wireless remote controller
  • Included – Carry bag, tripod, telescope, 3x barrow lens, finder scope, 10mm and 25mm eyepieces, phone attachment, Bluetooth remote, and accessory tray


  • Suitable for astronomy and nature photography
  • Very quick and easy to set up
  • All needed accessories are included in the kit
  • A 3x Barrow lens is included
  • Ideal gift for kids aged 8 – 13
  • You can get sharp images of planets likeJupiter, Saturn, and Venus
  • Phone adapter included so you can take photos via cellphone
  • A nice storage bag is included with ample space for all accessories
  • Kids find the functions pretty easy to learn and use
  • The remote controller is ideal for taking images on your phone


  • The tripod is a bit short
  • Not suitable for advanced astronomy
  • For a novice, it can take some time to align the scope

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2. The Celestron Travel Scope 70 Telescope – The Runner-Up Telescope Under $100

The Celestron Travel Scope 70 is a great fit for complete beginners and even amateur astronomers because it comes as a complete set and it includes educational software that you can download onto your smartphone or tablet.

The Travel Scope 70 has all the basics of a quality affordable telescope. It has an objective lens of 70 and a 400mm focal length that gives a good view of the atmosphere. The set also includes a 10mm eyepiece that is great for viewing the moon and other bright objects, as well as a 20mm eyepiece for wildlife viewing.

This scope doesn’t offer quite as many advanced features since a phone holder is not included and there also is no Barrow lens that can boost your magnification. The Starry Night Astronomy Software does however make it a great investment since you can learn how to successfully find and identify planets.


  • Dimensions – 18 x 7 x 14 in
  • Weight – 4.2 lbs
  • Color – Black
  • Magnification – Up to 165x
  • Aperture size – 70mm
  • Focal length – 400mm
  • Focal ratio – f/5.71
  • Limiting magnitude – 11.7
  • Controller – None
  • Included – Carry bag, telescope, scope finder, 10 and 20mm eye lenses, and tripod


  • Easy to set up
  • Terrific device for viewing the moon and other deep-sky objects
  • Also suitable for viewing planets like Jupiter and Saturnwith their rings
  • Can also be used for wildlife viewing
  • Affordable price range
  • A good beginner telescope
  • The portable design is ideal for traveling
  • Two lenses are included
  • You can download free astronomy software to learn more about stargazing


  • No remote controller or cellphone mount included
  • Some feel the tripod could have been better
  • No Barrow lens included

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3. The ToyerBee Telescope – The Best Budget Telescope

This cheap telescope by TyerBee is a great pick for young kids who want to know more about the world. It is the most affordable telescope on our list which makes it ideal for those aged 8 and above.

The little travel telescope offers good features such as a standard 70mm objective lens and a shorter 300mm focal length. For a more advanced viewing experience, you can also use the 3x Barrow lens in conjunction with the 6mm eyepiece.

An additional 20mm eyepiece is also great for wildlife viewing or for observing everything that might be happening in the neighborhood from a treehouse.

Little kids who have a tough time closing one eye to view the stars or moon can also use the cellphone mount and a smartphone to get a better view. A little remote controller makes it easy to take pictures without moving the portable telescope out of place.


  • Dimensions – 17.36 x 8.78 x 4.41 in
  • Color – White/black
  • Magnification – Up to 150x
  • Aperture – 70mm
  • Focal length – 300mm
  • Controller – Wireless camera remote
  • Included – Telescope, scope finder, cellphone mount, tripod, Bluetooth controller, 6mm and 20mm eyepieces, and carry bag


  • A smartphone adapter is included so you can capture images on your smartphone
  • Ideal beginner telescope for small children
  • Relatively easy to set up and use
  • Ideal for learning how to locate planets
  • Affordable price range
  • Offers a clear view of the moon and stars
  • Also suitable for wildlife viewing
  • Very portable and lightweight
  • The kit includes a 3x Barlow lens for enhanced magnification


  • Some buyers say the tripod is a bit flimsy
  • Shorter focal length than some of the telescopes on our list which means objects will be smaller with a wider view

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4. The Hexeum 70500 Telescope – The Telescope With the Best Focal Length

The Hexeum 70500 will offer you the most magnification. This telescope has the standard objective lens of 70mm but a longer focal length of 500mm, which gives a much closer view of planets or star clusters.

You can enhance your view even more by adding the 3x Barrow lens in conjunction with the 10mm eyepiece. Complete beginners might find it difficult to locate planets at this extreme magnification level.

The large 25mm eyepiece included in the set is better suited for wildlife viewing. With the smartphone adapter, you can take great images of all the animals you want to view.

This versatile telescope also includes additional accessories like a remote controller, tripod, and a handy carry case to keep all of your accessories neatly stored.


  • Dimensions – 23 x 8.5 x 5 in
  • Weight – 4.64 lbs
  • Color – White/black
  • Magnification – Up to 150x
  • Aperture – 70mm
  • Focal length – 500mm
  • Focal ratio – f/7.1
  • Controller – Bluetooth wireless controller
  • Included – Tripod, telescope, finder scope, remote controller, 10mm and 25mm eyepiece, phone adapter, and carry case


  • Very easy to use and ideal for beginners
  • Easy and quick to assemble
  • Comes with a phone adapter so you can take some photographs
  • A wider focal length will offer more zoom or a closer view of objects
  • Carry bag is included for easy storage
  • The kit is light and portable
  • A 3x Barlow lens is included with the set
  • You can get a clear view of the craters on the moon
  • Good value for money


  • Adjustment and finding objects can be difficult for beginners
  • Some parts don’t feel too sturdy

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5. The Kiosesi Telescope – The Best Beginner Telescope Under 100 Dollars

The Kiosesi is another good telescope for beginners because it is affordable, easy to use, nice and portable.

It weighs just 3.94 pounds and is fitted with standard lenses like a 70mm objective lens and a 400mm focal length. It also includes a 6mm eyepiece that is great for astronomy viewing and a 20mm eyepiece that makes it easy to view animal life at a distance. A 3x Barrow lens is also included to enhance your magnification when you need a better view.

The telescope includes various accessories like a carry bag, phone adapter, tripod, and remote controller, making for a great learning adventure while enjoying the night sky.


  • Dimensions – 17.4 x 8.82 x 4.41 in
  • Weight – 3.94 lbs
  • Color – Black
  • Magnification – Up to 200X
  • Aperture – 70mm
  • Focal length – 400mm
  • Focal ratio
  • Controller – Wireless camera controller
  • Included – Telescope, phone adapter, scope finder, remote controller, 6 and 20mm eyepieces, and tripod


  • The scope comes with a phone holder soo you can document your findings
  • It is a compact telescope that is easy to take along on camping trips
  • A 3x Barlow lens is included with the set which offers even more magnification
  • The scope is easy to assemble
  • Offers a clear view of the moon and stars
  • The telescope and tripod are an ideal height for children
  • Affordable price range
  • The large lens included is perfect for landscape viewing or wildlife watching


  • The tripod is not the best
  • It can be difficult for beginners to focus their view
  • Eyepieces are not universal and not compatible with other brands

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With the best telescope for under 100 dollars, you can see further than any pair of binoculars. The telescopes we included on our list are not just affordable but also light and compact enough to easily carry along on any trip. This one simple tool is sure to keep everyone in the family busy during nighttime as you try to discover new planets and stars.

If you want to know more about other great star gazing equipment, then you should also have a look at some of the other guides we have onStargazing Studio. With our site, you can learn a lot about the universe and find the best gear to help you explore these unknown territories.


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