NASA Hubble Telescope Birthday Picture: Everything to Know

nasa hubble telescope birthday picture

Many birthday presents are often overdone. Whenever you need to choose a birthday gift for someone, you think about flowers, jewelry, or something to fit their preferences. But what if you could take things to another level and get them something so unique that it would blow their mind?

You might have heard of the NASA Hubble Space Telescope. This telescope takes pictures of space and tells you precisely what space wonder happened on a particular day. Thanks to this telescope, you can give your friend a NASA Hubble Telescope birthday picture.

If you want to learn more about these NASA Hubble pictures and how to make one as a birthday present, stick around for the rest of this guide.

What Is the NASA Hubble Telescope?

If you are not into astronomy, you may not know much about telescopes or space imagery. But if you look into it, you will find that NASA, theNational Aeronautics and Space Administration, has sent many telescopes into space in hopes of learning more about both space and celestial objects.

In 1990, NASA announced its plan to send a telescope called theNASA Hubble Telescope to space. The goal was to have the telescope stay in Earth’s low orbit and take photos of things around it. At that time, no one could have predicted how helpful that telescope would be in learning more about space.

Since 1990, or for more than 30 years, the Hubble telescope has shown us what is happening in space. It has been exploring and capturing high-resolution images 24 hours daily.

If you look it up online, you will find picture after picture of celestial objects and events so gorgeous that they almost seem unbelievable. It is impossible to stay indifferent after seeing the photos, so you might feel compelled to learn more about space, celestial objects, and events.

How to Create a NASA Hubble Telescope Birthday Picture?

Butterfly Nebula captured by the Hubble Space Telescope

If you want to create a NASA Hubble Telescope birthday picture, whether it is for yourself, a loved one, or a friend, you can do that easily on NASA’s official website for Hubble Telescope in a section titled “What Did Hubble See on Your Birthday?

Once you arrive on the website, you can choose a date and month but not a year. After that, you click on submit, and within a few seconds, you will receive the most exciting image the telescope has caught on that particular date since it was sent to space. It could be a star, a whole galaxy, a planet, or something entirely different.

So, this is a fun way to mark a particular date and see what fascinating cosmic wonder took place then. It does not have to be a birthday – it could be an anniversary, a graduation date, or any other date that has any meaning to you. All you need to do is adjust the date, and NASA will send you the picture within seconds.

Is the NASA Hubble Telescope Picture a Good Birthday Present?

Getting someone a NASA Hubble telescope picture as a birthday present is excellent if you know they are into astronomy. Chances are that the present will get them excited and willing to learn more about similar events that have happened over the years.

The pictures could send them on an incredible journey through space and all the cosmic wonders the Hubble has ever caught.

Again, this is a present we recommend for someone who knows astronomy or is interested in it. It might not be a successful gift for someone who knows very little about NASA, telescopes, or anything connected to space. Still, you can also try it in that situation and see if the gift interests the receiver.

For astronomy nerds and beginners, you can get many other exciting birthdays presents besides the Hubble pictures. Here are some ideas that we would recommend:

1. Personal Planetarium

We all know about planetariums and how they allow you to see stars, galaxies, and other celestial objects in a controlled setting. Now, instead of traveling to an actual planetarium, you can have one and explore it from the comfort of your own. The device is a Personal Planetarium and looks similar to a VR headset.

If you decide to get the personal planetarium, you need to connect it to an iOS or Android phone with a relatively new operating system. Using the device, you can control the planetarium’s settings and modes. You will explore many modes – starter, search, discoverer, 3D, deep sky, and mythology mode.

This is an excellent present for astronomy beginners as it gives them a chance to get to know space and all the objects and events happening in space. The planetarium is not even that expensive, so you should be able to afford it.

2. Astronomy Book

Books are the biggest treasure anyone could have, so why not get your buddies a book on astronomy? If they are a beginner, you will give them a chance to learn many things they might not have known until then. If they have previous knowledge on the topic, you can help them further that knowledge.

There are astronomy books for beginners and experienced stargazers, so that you can find something suitable for your friend. Many knowledgeable people and scientists have written books on the topic. So, you can get one written by Stephen Hawking, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Carl Sagan, or others. Such books are invaluable treasures.

You should find these books in bookstores or online websites easily. Some of them might be a bit more expensive than others, but the investment is worth it if you consider how valuable your present will be to the person receiving it.

3. Piece of Space

There is the International Space Station located in space. With experiments and missions happening in space, the astronauts working in the space station would gather bits and pieces from rocks, meteors, other celestial objects, and so on. Those objects and artifacts have made their way to earth and are being sold as gifts.

Many space treasures are currently being sold online, and they could make the perfect gift for someone interested in space. You can get the person photos or landmark maps real astronauts use. You can also get them pieces from the moon, Mars, or space.

If someone likes jewelry, you can get a necklace with a meteor piece or dust capsule from Mars. It is incredible to think that everything is genuine and comes from space.

4. Stars Map

Similar to the images from the Hubble telescope, there are other types of pictures that you can get that represent or symbolize a piece of space. Star maps have been quite popular online, and various websites have been creating them for a while now.

Once you pick your website, you put in a date, month, and year, allowing the website to find how the stars aligned on that particular day. You would get a star map for that specific day within a few seconds. Such maps can reinforce the idea of how special that day was because the stars could not have aligned the same way on any other day in the history of the world.

A star map like this costs little, but you can customize and make it unique for your friend. You can frame and give it to your friend as a present, which we believe would excite them.

5. Sky Map

Sky maps are also a great present, especially for astronomy beginners. They give you a closer look at the position of celestial objects and their connection to other celestial objects. Sky maps can contain much information about space, including stars, constellations, planets, etc.

A sky map is almost necessary for people who want to start stargazing. They are a great way to get acquainted with the things that appear in the sky at night, but we know little about them. The map will tell you precisely what you are looking at when you look with your eyes, a pair of binoculars, or even a telescope towards the sky.

You can get custom maps from various websites so that they would contain only the information you want them to. They do not cost much, so they are the perfect choice for a birthday gift.

6. Telescope

Astronomical telescope

Telescopes are a necessity for astronomy nerds who like to stargaze. They allow you to see things millions of miles away that you would otherwise never be able to see up close. However, there are various telescopes to look into, some better than others.

The professional-grade telescopes are incredibly effective and allow people to see anything in the sky. They are also more suitable for professionals than astronomy beginners, so keep that in mind. Such telescopes might not be the best gift choice because they can be costly.

There are various models from various manufacturers, so we don’t doubt that you will be able to find one that would fit your budget and preference. Still, some of the more basic telescopes also do a good job. They are a better choice for a birthday gift and are also suitable for children and astronomy beginners.

7. Binoculars

We are aware of the fact that telescopes are the best devices that you can use to inspect celestial objects. But you can also use binoculars for the same purpose. Some great modern binoculars can help you see the stars or the moon clearly, just like you would through a telescope.

Binoculars can be a great gift for someone interested in astronomy. They are also lightweight and easy to pack for trips. So, if you know that your friends or loved ones take trips often, get them a pair of binoculars that they can use to look at the stars while traveling.

Like telescopes, there are various types and makes of binoculars, all coming at different prices. If you do some research, you will find a pair your friend would enjoy.

8. NASA Collective Items

Websites can also help you choose a great birthday gift for your friend or loved one. This website sells various collector items that any astronomy nerd would enjoy.

Looking at the items currently on offer, you will find many things, including apparel, toys, collectibles, books, and fun novelties. There is apparel for men, women, and youth. The toys feature flight suits, playsets, and puzzles that are great for children and youth. You can also look for jewelry, bags, pens, stationery, etc.

There is no shortage of items on this website, all listed at relatively affordable prices. You can use this website or similar ones to get your birthday person a great little gift. If they are into astronomy, we do not doubt they will love getting some NASA-inspired merchandise.

Wrap Up

It’s been a smooth ride providing details about the NASA Hubble telescope birthday pictures with you. We hope you liked the information and would consider these pictures a birthday present for someone you love. Remember that you only need to set the date, and you will get your cosmic birthday picture within seconds.

Alternative birthday presents include a personal planetarium, telescopes, binoculars, sky maps, astronomy books, pieces from space, star maps, and NASA collective items.

If you have ever had any experience with NASA telescopes or the Hubble birthday pictures, please share them with us in the comment section. We would love to learn more about it and your interest in astronomy!


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